Deciding Between Butt Implants And Brazilian Butt Lift

There is no denying that a nicely shaped buttocks area has become a major trend in our society; celebrities and civilians alike have become very conscious of how their backside looks, and seek ways to enhance it. There are two ways to improve the look of your buttocks through cosmetic surgery: implants or fat injections, also known as the Brazilian butt lift here in Montreal. Both procedures will give you a natural looking, curvy derriere, but they do differ from each other in how that is accomplished, and each one has its own pros and cons. What is involved in each procedure? Butt implants are similar to breast implants in that a “pocket” is surgically created for the implants. To create that pocket, an incision is made overlaying the tailbone between the buttocks, the butt muscle is lifted up, and the implants are inserted. The implants are either round or…

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Do Butt Lifts Feel Natural?

Not everyone is gifted with a beautiful, round butt. Those who do not have a naturally round or full rear end have the option of a butt lift. There are two main types of butt lifts, and those are implants or the Brazilian butt lift procedure here in Montreal. It is always smart for you to consult with a certified plastic surgeon that has experience in this type of surgery. This is one way to be sure that you are getting the best possible result for the cost that you will be paying to have the surgery completed. Brazilian Butt Lift This procedure utilizes your body fat to augment your buttocks. You are increasing a tissue layer that is already present, and this means that both sides of your butt will look natural. More importantly, your buttocks will move naturally after the surgery has been completed. Once the fat is…

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Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Squats: Can You Get The Same Results?

Many people desire to enhance the appearance of their butts, and so they often turn to one of two options: undergoing a regimen of butt exercises such as squats or undergoing a cosmetic procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. My Montreal patients often ask which is the most effective approach. Squats have their place, but they tone the muscles rather than enhance appearance. Furthermore they cause not only your butt to increase in size but also your legs (which you may not have desired). The Brazilian Butt Lift can provide more targeted results by giving the butt a larger, curvier look that cannot be achieved through exercise. Why Squats Are Inadequate Squats do build up the muscles and by extension the buttocks (as indicated before) but it does not give that sexy, curvy look that people seek after. Squats are also not for everyone as there are people who…

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