Before Your Surgery


Before your surgery

Patients who are undergoing major or minor procedure should inform Dr. Fouda Neel if they are:

1- on any blood thinners asprin, worfrinplavix, etc.

2- If they are on Roacutaine medication.

The following are few points for current and potential patients

  • It is Preferable to bring your medication with you.
  • You need to stop herbal teas, green tea, stop asprin two weeks prior to the procedure since this increase risk of bleeding.
  • Women on oral contraceptive pills need to stop them one month prior to major surgery.
  • Smokers are advised to stop 6 week prior to major surgery (minimal 2 weeks is a must).
  • If you are having a big event it’s advisable to do your procedure by a reasonable time to allow recovery.
  • For patient presenting for breast augmentation, we advice to wear tight t-shirt on your visit which will makes it easier to try the implant and decide on the size.
  • For patient coming for facial procedures, its advised not to apply make up or facial creams.

Once you’ve had your surgery, Dr. Fouda Neel will give you detailed instructions for your recovery, including a list of recovery tips.



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