Rhinoplasty Costs

Many people are dissatisfied with their nose. When they look in the mirror they see it as misshapen and disrupting their facial symmetry. Rhinoplasty surgery, otherwise known as a nose job, can correct the overall appearance of the nose, create facial harmony and even help with breathing issues in those who suffer from deviated septums or sinus problems.

This type of surgery can alter the shape of the nose drastically or simply tweak the tip. Rhinoplasty can fix defects like indentations and bumps, and modify the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip for a more symmetrical look. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in Canada, Dr. Fouda Neel can give you the nose you’ve always wanted.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

Procedure Cost Before Taxes
Rhinoplasty (closed) $6,490
Rhinoplasty with Alar Rim Excision (closed) $7,990
Septorhinoplasty $7,990
Septorhinoplasty with Alar Rim Excision (closed) $9,490
Secondary Rhinoplasty (closed) $7,990
Tip Rhinoplasty Revision/Columella Only/Alar Rim Only (closed) $3,490
Rhinoplasty (open without grafting) $7,990
Rhinoplasty (open with ear grafting)/Secondary Rhinoplasty (open simple) $9,990
Rhinoplasty (open with rib grafting)/Secondary Rhinoplasty (open complex) $11,990
Alar Rim Excision (additional) $1,500

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common surgeries in the world. When considering a nose job, it is important to keep in mind that different factors will influence the cost of the procedure.

What will affect the price of my surgery?

Reshaping Open Closed Augment Revision Septoplasty
This is a base nose job that only reshapes the bridge. This is when incisions are made on the outside of the nose. This is when incisions are made on the inside of the nose. This is done to enlarge the nose through the use of an implant. This is done to correct the results of a previous surgery done by another doctor. This is done to correct the septum. It is not considered a cosmetic surgery and needs to be coupled with other nose alterations like reshaping.
Cost remains the same. Cost may increase depending on patient’s needs and nasal structure. Cost may increase depending on patient’s needs and nasal structure. Cost will increase due to implantation. Cost may only be affected if cartilage and grafting are needed. Cost will increase since this is not a cosmetic surgery when performed alone.

Anesthesia will be needed during a rhinoplasty surgery to ensure your comfort. The use of general anesthesia is the norm for nose job surgeries. Dr. Fouda Neel will discuss this with you prior to your procedure.

What else do I need to know?

Because you will be under anesthesia, you will be unable to drive yourself home after your procedure. It is important to make arrangements before your surgery and have a loved one or friend ready to pick you up. You will also be prescribed pain medication which you should pick up before your procedure as you will spend the following days afterwards recuperating and won’t be able to perform everyday activities until you are healed.

We accept financing from Medicard and Credit Medical, two third-party companies that we trust. We do not require a down payment on your rhinoplasty surgery and allow for flexibility with your repayment regime. A consultation fee of $200 is required but will be deducted from your total surgery cost.

Contact Dr. Fouda Neel today to book your rhinoplasty consultation. Your new and beautiful nose is waiting!



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