Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery

What is a Clitoral Hood?

The hood of the clitoris is the skin that covers and protects the clitoris, which is an area of heightened arousal and sensitivity for women. The clitoral hood can be elongated and thick, often alongsidean enlargement of the labia minora, and may decrease the sexual sensation of the clitoris experienced during sex by deterring stimulation of the clitoris. This characteristic is often present at birth.

The result of an enlarged clitoral hood can be not only diminished sexual sensation, but also self-awareness about the appearance of the vaginal area, which can be especially common when wearing certain types of bathing suits or tight-fitting clothing.

What is Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery?

Clitoral hood reduction surgery in Montreal and Riyadh is a straightforward surgical procedure aimed at reducing the excess skin covering the clitoris in order to allow a more proportionate clitoral hood. Clitoral hood reduction improves the aesthetic appearance of the clitoris, the vulva and overall the female genitalia. Sexual pleasure may also be improved.

How a Clitoral Hood Reduction can Improve Sexual Pleasure

As the results of clitoral hood reduction can bring major improvements to your sexual pleasure, the operation is becoming more popular among patients. This procedure brings a high amount of satisfaction to patients, as it addresses the physiological, psychological and sexual concerns of women. Clitoral hood concerns are often seen in female patients who have an enlarged labia. As such, clitoral hood surgery is also often done in conjunction with a labiaplasty to provide maximum results.

Clitoral hood surgery will not lessen the sensation of orgasm or sexual intercourse as it does not involve nerves that connect to the clitoris.

What Does Clitoris Surgery Involve?

Clitoral hood reduction is a painless outpatient procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. The clitoral hood will be incised, with an appropriate amount of tissue removed. Clitoris surgeon  Dr. Fouda Neel will carefully remove the mucosa and excess skin tissue to decrease the discomfort of overhanging labia. The procedure is simple and lasts approximately one hour.

The surgery will not diminish your erogenous sensation. Good healing is expected after closure of the incisions, and they will become almost imperceptible after few weeks. The details of the operation and how it will be tailored to your specific body needs will be discussed with Dr. Fouda Neel during your consultation.

In rare cases, complications can occur, such as inflammation or infection. Again, possible risks will be discussed during your consultation.

After Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery

The risks associated with clitoral hood reduction are minimal. When they occur, they are usually temporary. Good hygiene is important to decrease the risks of infection. Taking a shower everyday is highly recommended. Swelling of the vulva and discomfort will disappear in the few days following the surgery. Tylenol will help you with pain control following the surgery. Patients can also expect to get back to work within a few days following the procedure.

Your surgeon will recommend you to not be involved in intense activities such as sports or sexual intercourse during the weeks following the surgery in order to decrease the risk of complications. You will be able to discuss the risks of the procedure with your surgeon.

How Much Does Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery Cost?

Visit our Labiaplasty Cost page for cost information about clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty.



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