Facelift Costs

As we get older our skin becomes less taut and begins to sag. We begin to get wrinkles and lose the youthful facial contours we once had.

facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that can reverse the signs of aging, giving us a fresh, new look. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in the province, Dr. Fouda Neel can transform your face, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and looking beautiful.

How much does a facelift cost?

Procedure Cost Before Taxes
Short Scar Facelift or Neck Lift Only $8,990
Facelift Full (sedation) with Laser/Peel $11,990
Facelift & Platysmal Bands (Face & Neck) with Laser/Peel $13,990
Submental Liposuction/Platysmal Bands Only $3,990

In terms of pricing, there are certain factors that will influence the total cost of your facelift procedure. Many of Dr. Fouda Neel’s patients pair their facelifts with eyelid and/or forehead lift surgeries.

What will affect the price of my surgery?

Type of Facelift Additional Procedures
The type of facelift you decide to have will influence the price of your surgery. Adding additional procedures to your facelift surgery will lower the price.
Simple facelift procedures are less costly than more elaborate surgeries that involve the neck. We offer packages that allow you to have multiple, related procedures concurrently.

What else do I need to know?

Dr. Fouda Neel will discuss the aftercare with you prior to your surgery. You will need to have a friend or loved one pick you up after your facelift since you will be unable to drive. Facelifts are done with the use of anesthesia and you will no doubt be groggy for a short time afterwards. It is important to remember that when you are recovering from your facelift procedure that you refrain from any intensive exercise. You will also need to wear sunscreen post-facelift, as your skin will be incredibly sensitive.

We do not require a down payment and offer a flexible repayment schedule. If financing is required, you are able to use one of our approved two third parties, Medicard and Credit Medical. There is a consult fee of $200 which is deductible from the final cost of any or minor procedure you have done.

Do not let the signs of aging take over. Contact Dr. Fouda Neel today and let him give you a fresh, new look that will have people wondering just how young you are.



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