Get Ready for Your Rhinoplasty

Year after year, rhinoplasty retains its popularity because of its ability to transform the look of the entire face with minimal scarring. But before you choose a doctor and book your rhinoplasty in Montreal, it’s important to know exactly what to expect and where to start. Research Before your rhinoplasty, it’s important to reconcile your goals for surgery with the procedure’s limitations. As you well know, any type of elective surgery is a huge decision. Prior to surgery, be sure you understand the underlying concepts of the procedure, how it’s performed, and how long until you can see your results. Rhinoplasty, like many other plastic surgery procedures, is largely customized based on the patient’s existing anatomy, aesthetic goals, and more. When you consult with your surgeon, be sure you don’t leave without a thorough understanding of his or her technique, as well as your own unique timeline for recuperation and…

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Finding a Nose to Suit Your Face

Too big. Too small. Too wide. These are common complaints that we hear from people wanting a “nose job,” or rhinoplasty, here in Montreal. The surgery is performed for both drastic and minor changes–to completely alter the the nose or slightly polish down irregularities such as indents and bumps. A nose job can also balance a person’s facial features solely by changing the angle of the nose as it relates to the upper lip. Rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure that can remedy a variety of concerns. These include the following: An asymmetrical nose A nose that is too wide A nose with a visible hump or bump A nose that is too big for the face A nose that is too small for the face A “hooked” nasal tip A puffy or protruding nasal tip Nostrils with a significant flare Once you decide to get a nose job, you have…

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Can I Get A Lip Lift Done At The Same Time As A Rhinoplasty?

If you are a good candidate for the combination procedure, then the answer is yes: you can get a lip lift and rhinoplasty at the same time. Choosing to get a lip lift is a serious decision, so be sure to consider all the options before going ahead with the procedure. How can the lip lift be combined with rhinoplasty? Lip lifts shorten the upper area of the mouth, and the incision is usually made at the base of the nose or along the lip line, which allows the surgeon to remove the most tissue. The way rhinoplasties are performed depends on the method chosen and intended outcome, but a closed rhinoplasty pairs well with lip lifts because: there is plenty of blood flow going to the nose with a closed rhinoplasty healing time is not prolonged the tissue bridge will still be strong enough to hold everything in place…

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How Smoking Might Affect Your Rhinoplasty Results

Everyone ought to know by now that smoking is one of the most dangerous bad habits that you can pick up, and the list of potential health complications caused by smoking is formidable. I tell my rhinoplasty patients in Montreal that combining smoking with surgery is asking for trouble. The potential complications are definitely very serious; all of which you should familiarize yourself with so you can find the motivation to quit smoking before your procedure. A popular plastic surgery enhancement, rhinoplasty can help you to improve the look of your nose, which can give your self-esteem a healthy lift. That said, you don’t want to do anything to compromise the effects of the surgery, so read on for information on how smoking might affect your rhinoplasty goals. Before Surgery Any respectable cosmetic surgeon will tell you that a good candidate for rhinoplasty must be in good health physically, have…

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Can Rhinoplasty Correct Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that affects a person during the time they are sleeping. A person with this condition will experience moments during sleep where their breathing is paused. Some people breathe in a shallow manner instead of having pauses in their breathing. These breathing pauses only last a few seconds, but they can occur up to thirty times in an hour. After each pause, the breathing normalizes again and is often punctuated with a snort or choking sound. As a rhinoplasty specialist, I strive to keep my Montreal practice on the leading edge of innovative solutions for both Sleep apnea is a chronic issue that can affect sleep patterns. Instead of getting a full night’s restful sleep, people often wake the next day feeling unrested. People with sleep apnea can be affected throughout the day and experience periods where they doze off because they are exhausted. The…

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