A Week-By-Week Look at Tummy Tuck Recovery

You’ve chosen a surgeon and done your research. You may have even scheduled your surgery. But do you know what to expect after your tummy tuck? It’s one of the most common questions I hear from my tummy tuck patients in Montreal. Let’s break down the tummy tuck recovery week by week so you can make precise plans. If you’re normally an active person, as many of my tummy tuck patients are, it can be difficult to settle down after surgery and give yourself the rest you need. However, listening to your body—and following your surgeon’s instructions—is imperative to achieving good results and minimizing the risk of complications. Week 1 This is the primary recuperation period and the time when slowing down and taking it easy is most important. You can expect to spend much of your surgery day napping, resting, and taking occasional short walks around the house to…

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