10 DIY Tips to Reduce Scars After Surgery

As a Montreal plastic surgeon, I know that surgery is not the easiest medical procedure to undergo, and there is often a recovery period as well as possible after effects to deal with. One of those after effects is scarring. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent, minimize, or fade scarring so nobody has to know you went under the knife by looking at your skin. 1. Clean the Wounds While They Are Still Fresh It is advisable to clean fresh surgical wounds regularly so as to prevent bacterial infection. For small wounds, simply placing them under clean and cool running water is the best way to heal. You should actually avoid substances such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine, as these may actually delay the healing process. 2. Ensure That Your Wound Remains Covered and Moist Wounds should be concealed and kept moist, as this speeds up…

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How to Minimize Post-Surgery Scarring

One of the main concerns of patients coming in for cosmetic procedures is how to ensure they end up with as little scar tissue as possible. While it can be difficult to prevent scarring entirely, there are several steps that patients can take to help soften the appearance of scars and ensure that all incisions heal quickly and cleanly. The visibility of the final scar depends on several things: The size of the initial wound How quickly it heals How well it is cared for while healing The skin type, age, and health of the patient While there is little you can do to change the size of the incision required for your chosen procedure, there is plenty you can do to affect your health and how quickly it will heal following treatment. Read on to see some of the ways you can minimize scarring after your next cosmetic procedure.…

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