Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Squats: Can You Get The Same Results?

Many people desire to enhance the appearance of their butts, and so they often turn to one of two options: undergoing a regimen of butt exercises such as squats or undergoing a cosmetic procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. My Montreal patients often ask which is the most effective approach. Squats have their place, but they tone the muscles rather than enhance appearance. Furthermore they cause not only your butt to increase in size but also your legs (which you may not have desired). The Brazilian Butt Lift can provide more targeted results by giving the butt a larger, curvier look that cannot be achieved through exercise.

Brazilian Butt Lift VS. Squats

Why Squats Are Inadequate

Squats do build up the muscles and by extension the buttocks (as indicated before) but it does not give that sexy, curvy look that people seek after. Squats are also not for everyone as there are people who suffer from chronic knee and back pain. Ideally, a Brazilian Butt Lift can enhance the results gained from squats.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure contours the lower part of the buttocks through liposuction to enhance curvature. This gives patients the aesthetic look that is much closer to what they desire. You should also keep in mind that the Brazilian Butt Lift is different from butt implants which, unlike the latter, actually works with the person’s own body fat. Also, if the person has enough fat to work with, squats would not make a difference.

Is the Procedure Safe?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is generally regarded as a safe procedure. As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved, but those risks are minimised with a qualified and experienced surgeon. It is also important that the patient follow any pre and post operation instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and maximum results. The biggest headache most patients will have to endure is not being able to sit normally for a period of time. Patients may get a special “boppy pillow” to sit on their thighs rather than their butt.

How Long do Results Last?

Because of a constant blood supply, the fat that is moved into the desired area should make the results permanent. The results will also be affected if you gain or lose weight. If you gain weight the fat will increase, and if you lose weight it will decrease. The fat cells however, will still remain in the buttocks.

Is It Appropriate for Me?

As with anything else, consult your doctor before undertaking the procedure. It is important that the surgeon has enough fat to work with, but that can only be determined after consultation.

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