Neck Liposuction Vs. Kybella Vs. Neck Lift

All three procedures are focussed on creating a defined jawline, which for women will give a slimmer, more delicate face, while men’s faces will appear more defined and chiseled. Kybella is the least invasive of the three procedures, and neck lifts require the most work, but it can also address issues involving sagging skin. You may be a suitable candidate for more than one procedure, giving you options, so read on to explore which one would work best for you.

Neck Lift, Liposuction, Or Kybella

Why Kybella is gaining popularity so quickly

Kybella is injected to the area under the chin and reduces the fat permanently. The active ingredient is synthetically created deoxycholic acid, which breaks down and destroys fat cells. Multiple treatments are needed for a noticeable effect as Kybella works away at the deep fat layer. The total cost is similar to neck liposuction, although you will require less time for recovery. Plus, the change happens gradually, which gives you the chance to consult with and provide feedback to your doctor.


Liposuction works by first disrupting the structure of a layer of fat and then suctioning the remnants using a device, such as a medical vacuum or a simple syringe. Just like Kybella, liposuction works locally, but since Kybella relies on chemical changes, the time spent in the doctor’s office administering it is short, whereas liposuction requires the doctor to physically manipulate the fat cells. An incision is required, but it will be relatively minor and can be strategically placed so that it’s not very visible.

Neck lifts are for loose skin

Excess fat leads to the appearance of a double chin, but a large enough double chin will have stretched the skin so that it may not fully adjust to the smaller volume of tissue. Neck lifts are also great for:

  • flappy skin as a result of age (as found in turkey necks, jowls, etc.)
  • excess fat
  • loosened muscle below the chin (platysma)

Incisions are hidden carefully under the chin, along the hairline, or even around the ears.

The final verdict will consider the following angles:

  • if you want to be discreet about the alterations, choose Kybella
  • for a more dramatic change, the neck lift will give the most complete transformation
  • liposuction is great for candidates who are young and struggle with their weight

Having a visible jawline is part of what sets attractive faces apart. For the best results, ask your doctor during your consultation for which choice works best for you.

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