Exercises That Can Be Done After A Pubic Lift

A pubic lift is a cosmetic procedure that attempts to remove unwanted excess fat and redundant skin from the pubic area and to improve the appearance of underlying soft tissue. It can be done in conjunction with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and often involves some liposuction. There are many post-procedural exercises that are recommended after a pubic lift in order to improve and maintain the look the surgery sets out to achieve.

Exercises That Can Be Done After Pubic Lift

Preforming cardiovascular exercises. Anything that involves “hip flexion,” which is the kinetic motion that occurs when your thighs move towards your stomach, is a great way to keep fat off of the pubic region. Running, hiking, climbing stairs and bicycling are all good ways to keep the area firm and taught.

Using ankle straps while doing leg raises. Fasten the straps to a low setting on a cable machine, lie on the floor with your feet positioned towards the weight stack and with your arms over your head, grab onto the other side of the machine and lift and pull your legs towards your chest. Make sure to fully extend your legs as you do this and repeat in sets of 15-20, depending on your strength and conditioning.

Jack-knifes. With your hands positioned shoulder-width apart on the floor, place your lower shins on a stability ball and lift your hips so that they are parallel with your shoulders and heels. Rolling the ball forward to your head, tuck your knees into your chest and roll the ball back out. Repeat 15-20 times.

The mountain climber. Lying face down on the floor, with your knees touching the ground and arms extended straight out, slowing raise your body upwards in a “push up” motion with your legs remaining parallel to your body. Move your left leg in the direction of the left hand so that your lower abs are contracting and absorbing the strain of the exercise. Repeat the same motion using the right leg and the right hand.

Pelvic thrusts. Lie on your back facing the ceiling and bend your knees, keeping your torso absolutely flat. Your arms should remain at your sides with your palms pressed against the floor. Forcing your abdominal muscles to tighten, lift your butt up using your heels until your body forms a perfect diagonal line from the shoulders to the knees and hold this position for as long as you can (at least 15 seconds). Repeat 15 times in sets of three.

A pubic lift is a great way of getting rid of excess fat in the mons pubic region, which can accumulate from lifestyle or due to genetics or pregnancy, however, it needs to be supplemented with additional exercises and long-term lifestyle choices in order to make sure you maintain the results that the surgery achieved. You can find exercise routines online that specifically target this region or speak to a trainer at your local gym or fitness centre to help develop an effective exercise regimen.

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