Can Botox Cure Sinus Headaches?

Botox is a neurotoxin produced by a bacteria called Clostridium botulism that grows in canned food that has not been sterilized correctly and causes botulism. This toxin paralyses nerves and prevents them from releasing acetylcholine that blocks muscles and stops them from contracting which is also known as paralysis. Botox has been used for therapeutic treatments from wrinkle reduction to pain elimination. It is also useful for treating facial spasms and tics and spasticity for those who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Botox Injections

It was discovered that Botox is also an effective treatment of headaches by accident. Botox was being injected in the forehead and brow of patients and was found to be useful as a preventative measure for headaches. The injection of Botox for headaches is recommended for adults who suffer from chronic migraines if they have those episodes 15 days out of every month or if those headaches last longer than four hours per day. It is a preventative treatment that can help to reduce or eliminate the number of headaches that a person endures.

There have been many cautious trials that study patients who suffer from a migraine and chronic headaches as to the effectiveness of these injections. Some small trials were completed along with some placebo trials. Some patients needed 2 – 3 doses of between 100 and 200 units before they received the maximum benefit from those injections that they received at intervals of twelve weeks.

Many people are unsure about this treatment and are concerned about the safety of it. The record of Botox since 1989 is excellent with no absorption into the bloodstream because it is not a medication that is taken orally. Any secondary side effects such as droopy eyelids were not long-lasting and were caused by improper injection techniques. Botox is a safe treatment option where other types of migraine treatments have failed. The cost is often covered by a patient’s medical coverage if their doctor prescribes the treatment for chronic pain.

It is important to find a good specialist that works with Botox injections regularly, so you know you are going to get the very best possible treatment. Most doctors that deal with Botox usually already know the importance of taking all necessary precautions when injecting this treatment. The result is relief from a variety of chronic headaches that can affect a person’s quality of life. If you want to make inquiries about this treatment option, contact a doctor that administers these injections.

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