What Do I need To Do Before Labiaplasty Surgery?

Your surgeon will give you a list of things they would like you to do before the procedure, and the level of preparation varies, but being ready for labiaplasty will make things go smoothly. Let’s review the general items which you might come across if you’re considering a labiaplasty.

Preparing For Labiaplasty

Reduce smoking and alcohol levels

Smoking increases the chance of complications after surgery, such as:

  • blood clotting
  • pneumonia
  • heart or lung issues

As soon as you’ve decided that you’re going to undergo surgery, you should consider plans for quitting smoking, but even if you stop smoking for 8 weeks before the procedure, you’re going to significantly reduce the likelihood of post-operative issues.

Alcohol has properties that affects the way the body bleeds, but even in a controlled environment like the operating room, it’s best if conditions are optimal. If you reduce your alcohol intake in the week leading up to the surgery, you can curb many of the risks on the operating table that’s faced by a regular drinker.

Shave the morning of the surgery

Hair removal makes it easier to see, which means the surgeon can be more accurate. In addition to shaving, most surgeons will request that you shower in the morning to make the area as hygienic while being operated on.

Taking the consultation seriously

In preparation for the meeting with your surgeon, you should collect as much information on your general health as possible. This includes conditions that will affect how your body reacts to anaesthesia, issues with your blood, and current medications. Your surgeon might recommend that you stop taking certain medication for 10 days before the labiaplasty because some medicine will cause blood to be thinner than usual. Don’t worry if you’re missing some information because the surgeon may ask for a medical evaluation in the form of a simple blood test to cover the bases.

What to do on the day of the procedure

If possible, you should stay hydrated. In addition, your doctor may give you a prescription of anti-inflammatory or antibiotic medicine the night before to prevent infection after the procedure. You should also have assistance following the surgery to help you get home safely and rest up comfortably.

Staying healthy in general is a good rule to follow so that after the labiaplasty, you’re feeling your best. Within a few weeks, things will be back to normal, and you will be able to resume your lifestyle.

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