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Before Case 170 After

Case 170

This 46 year old woman came to consult for a liposuction of her thighs and trochanter areas bilaterally. A total of 1625mL of fat was removed, leaving the patient with great results. She is very happy with her decision to have this procedure done.
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Before Case 162 After

Case 162

This was a 31 year old patient who came to my office to consult for a subtle change with the volume in her buttocks. Therefore she had liposuction of her abdomen, her flanks and her inner thighs. This fat was re-injected into her buttocks for a total of 1620mL. She now has her Brazilian butt l...
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Before Case 161 After

Case 161

This is an out of town, 29 year old patient who came to see Dr. Fouda Neel, because she wanted to get a Brazilian butt lift by removing excess fat from her inner thighs, her abdomen, her arms and her flanks. Dr. Fouda Neel was able to remove a total of 6.4L of fat. Which he then reinjected into h...
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Before Case 125 After

Case 125

A wonderful 48-years-old woman that came to see me for a fat transfer procedure to her breast. After her consultation, she opted to have the fat taken from her inner thighs. I was able to remove a total of 1700cc of fat.
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Before Case 84 After

Case 84

This is a lovely 38 years old lady who came to see Dr. Fouda Neel in order to see the options she had to remove the extra fat she had on her thighs. Dr Fouda Neel suggest to have inner and anterior thigh liposuction in order to have the best results. During the surgery Dr. Fouda Neel remove 1400...
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