5 Tips for Staying Hygienic After Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the leading methods for reducing the size and shape of the folds around the vulva. The procedure has become common in recent years as surgeons have improved on the results they’ve been able to achieve within their labiaplasty work. With the increase in interest in the procedure, it’s important to have as much information as possible on how to recover effectively after undergoing labiaplasty. Within this blog, we’ll present five tips for staying hygienic after a labiaplasty procedure.

Hygiene After Labiaplasty

Keep Incisions Dry

One of the most important elements of recovery after labiaplasty is to keep your incisions dry. This will help to reduce the chances of infection and mitigate any swelling within the area. You may use a cloth or wet wipe to dry the area during your recovery. Keep dry dressings over the incisions throughout the week of your recovery.

Inspect Incisions for Signs of Infection

To maintain optimal hygiene after the labiaplasty, it’s important that you are proactive in monitoring yourself for signs of infection. Increased redness, swelling, and significant pain in the area are all signs that you may have contracted an infection. If you recognize these signs, it’s important to contact a health care professional immediately.

Showering is Allowed 48 Hours After Surgery

In the immediate period after your labiaplasty, you’ll be unable to shower. You must wait 48 hours before you have a shower and clean the affected area. In the meantime, you should spray water on the area after you use the bathroom in order to maintain your hygiene.

Avoid Excessive Rubbing or Washing

After the procedure, you may find yourself wanted to rub the area or remove dried blood and other elements, but it’s important that you avoid causing further damage to the skin. Gently wash the skin in the area during the week after your procedure and try to avoid tight contact with underwear to prevent rubbing.

Contact Your Specialist Regularly

To ensure your recovery is proceeding normally, it’s important that you stay in regular contact with your specialist. They can answer any of your questions and determine whether you’re healing according to their standards.

By following the guidelines in this article, you can ensure a healthy recovery from your labiaplasty procedure. To learn more on this topic, contact our team today!

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