Does Weight Training Affect Breast Size?

The notion that your weight training routine can reduce your bust size is, to put it mildly, nothing more than a popular myth that has been repeated so often that some people presume it to be factual.

Weight Training

One of the reasons this myth is so bothersome is that many women, believing it to be true, have avoided weight training so to now alter the appearance of their breasts. This is problematic because weight training is necessary if you want to tone up your arms and legs, which will help you to sculpt a fantastic figure and maintain optimal health.

So the question of whether or not weight training affects breast size is a resounding, ‘No.’ That said, it can actually make your breasts appear to be bigger. Read on to find out more!

Breast Size

Breasts do not contain any skeletal muscle fibers, which means that weight training is unable to have a direct impact on your breasts. Proper weight training can, however, increase the size of your muscles as well as keep your physique lean, mean and toned. Your pectoral muscles (those found in the chest) can inflate and decrease in relation to physical activity, just as any muscle in your body can. Working out these muscles will increase their volume, making your chest appear larger and firmer.

Bigger Chest

While weight training has no direct influence on the size of your breasts, it can boost the size of the pectoral muscles that are beneath the breasts. What this will do is make your breasts to appear to be bigger, and they may stand out more than before weight training was implemented. This does not, however, mean that your breasts will truly change in size. The weight training, and the resulting impact on your chest, will simply give the appearance of larger breasts.

Female Bodybuilders

If you’ve ever looked at magazine pictures of female bodybuilders, then you can be forgiven if you maybe thought that they were representative of what all women will look like if they do weight training. However, these often small-chested female bodybuilders are by no means representative of women in general since they tend to look the way they do by employing drugs like steroids or extreme body fat reduction measures to sculpt the figure that they want.

When it boils down to it, weight training won’t negatively affect your breast size, and you should definitely consider adding this to your overall fitness regimen. If it does, then contact our team today to see how we can help restore the look and fullness of your chest!

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